Monday, 21 January 2013

Mr Fox

Now i know its not a good idea to have a fox in your garden when you have chickens but i have a poorly or injured one laid on the snow in the garden.
I have phoned the RSPCA who informed me i had to do the broom test.You have to gently nudge it with the brush of the broom to see if it runs.It didn't, it looks very sad ( or is that my imagination running away with me) After lots of questions you then have to wait for someone else to ring you.Which has just happened.The inspector is going to leave now to come and rescue the fox.She is in Swindon which is about 40 mins on the M4 away from me and that doesn't cover her travelling distance to get to the motorway.

I will update later.

I have seen many blogs on how far can you stretch a chicken i am giving it ago.I purchased a chicken just over 2kg in weight for £ 4,50.Yesterday we had a Roast,Today i made mash potato topped pie ( delicious)
I'm going to put the carcass in the slow cooker tonight to make soup.I'm going to freeze the rest in portion sizes and make a risotto later in the week and i think i will have enough for one more meal.
I'm quite impressed with myself even if i do say so myself.


Mrs Fox has been rescued,shes in a sorry state.partially sighted or blind,underweight and a bad ear infection.She is being taken to a vet but they dont think she will survive.Very sad.


  1. You at least gave the fox a chance. :)

  2. Poor little least they'll make sure she doesn't suffer xx

  3. Well done you for caring about the fox x

    Good job with your rubber chicken too, sounds like a fantastic deal x