Saturday, 12 January 2013


Today i saw a bit of the white stuff falling from the sky,didn't come to much which in my opinion is a relief.
I'm hoping that it misses us completely as i hate driving in the stuff and DD HAS to attend school next week for her exams,even if the rest of the school is closed.
My lounge at least is nice and warm ,heating is off and we are just relying on this for our heat.We still do have our heating on but just briefly in the morning.

Dinner is in the slow cooker,today is pulled pork,never done this before so hoping its nice.

Hope you are all staying worm,



  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we do not get any snow. Plenty of rain and mud in Sunny Cornwall. Roll on the Summer!

  2. No white stuff here but it's very cold and we've stayed indoors all day. Your fire looks very welcoming.
    Love from Mum

  3. Looks as though it may snow over here but really hoping not. I don't do well in the snow, always worrying I'll fall and break a hip or something. Your fire looks so nice.

    Enjoy your pork

    Granny x

  4. Snow is predicted for our area tonighr. Could do without it really! Jx