Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Food Inc.

My DD and i have watched Food Inc.This is an American Docu film about food standards and processing in the U.S.A.Its quite upsetting to watch in places .Its horrible to see the battery farms especially when my girls are having a mud bath and basking in a little bit of warmth in the garden.
I have said many times i really do wish my budget could match my morals but it doesn't .I wish i could buy Organic,free range but I'm trying to cut my grocery budget down.
In days gone by obesity used to be a disease of the rich but now the tables have turned.It is harder to eat healthy on a budget.
So this year i must try harder to grow more.
Eat more vegetarian
and try and buy a few bits of free range meat and poultry.

That last statement is going to be hard as I'm on a budget and trying to get my grocery spend down,
I feel proud that in January my grocery spend equates to £6 a day.(Sue i take my hat off to you that you can live on £2 a day)

Well that's food covered now entertainment.

I have had a Wii for quite a few years now and have never been able to attach it to my TV,This morning my son came around and voila its on.I have a free 3 month trial of Netflix and i have managed to get the Internet set up on the wii and now can watch netflix through my tv rather than on my laptop.

Back to food but only briefly.I mentioned in a previous post that i picked up a mushroom growing kit from Poundland,well it works, apparently you get 3 or 4 harvests from each kit,I know its small at the moment but give it time.


  1. I tried a mushroom growing kit but did not get anything. You must be more green fingers than me.

  2. It's something I've never grown, mushrooms that is, I really must have a go. I bought a kit once but we left it in the barn unopened and the rats found it and made a merry mess!!

    I've seen Food Inc, in fact I think I own the Dvd, it's harrowing isn't it, but something I think everyone should watch at least once.

    All we can do is our best and do it in a thoughtful way, that is enough to start. Growing our own and raising our own is the next step and it sounds like you are on your way :-)

    Sue xx

  3. Eating a vegetarian/ vegan diet definitely reduces the food budget. Hubby and I have been following a plant based diet for about 7/8 months now. When I shopped with my Mum a few weeks ago I was shocked by the price of meat and fish. It's a good job we no longer eat that or dairy as we wouldn't be able to afford it. I can honestly say that we don't miss the things we've stopped eating at all. J had been a milk and 2 sugars man for as long as I've known him ( 32 years). Now he drinks tea/coffee black without sugar. We both lost our Dads before retirement age( mine was 55, J's was 61) so health is a major consideration for us , and that was our reason for change. Everyone is different and you can only do what you can and what is best for you.