Sunday, 20 January 2013

I braved it

Today i braved the snow and took the car out for the first time since Thursday.Apart from my lane and the other side roads the roads were fine and clear.

My trip out today was to get a pair of boots,my wellies disappeared last year,still haven't worked out how a pair of wellies can vanish but mine have.So i purchased these bright beauties they are a size too big but that's all they had left (and they were reduced) but with a thick pair of socks on they will be fine.You will definitely see me coming wearing these..

I also picked up a pair of weighing scales its no good being on a healthy and not seeing if you are actually loosing weight.I went for the normal ones as i have had digital ones before and they always break or it costs a small fortune to replace the battery.These cost me £14 and have a 15 year guarantee ( i used my Christmas money)

So tomorrow morning i can weigh myself and then plot how well  badly i am doing...

Lastly i stopped at Morrisons to pick up a chicken as they have them for £2 a kilo. mine cost me £4.50 and I'm going to try and get 4 meals out of it.
Roast tonight (3 - 4 adults)
Chicken pie
chicken risotto and chicken soup.
This is all dependent on getting to the chicken before OH as he has a habit of throwing it away..

The snow is steadily falling,quick question to any of you that are teachers.
School has said that even if school is closed the A level exams are still going ahead,DD has emailed school but only got a generic reply. I have to travel 6 miles to school if we are late or worse cant make it what happens if you miss a scheduled exam?


  1. We braved it to Asda today, I need milk and formula more than anything but stocked up on the essentials. I picked up some tinned meals and microwave pouches to for hot lunchs and back up meals.
    Thanks for popping by my blog
    x xx

  2. Love your wellies they look so cosy. Being too big you can wear more than one pair of socks for extra toasty toes.