Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

I did go to bed early but was awake at midnight,hard not to be really with all the fireworks in my area.
It was so nice to see the sun shining and still shining and it feels quite mild out.
I have started the New Year as i hope and i mean hope to carry on doing eliminating waste.

I had a little bit of money for Christmas so i got myself a pressure cooker.This morning was the first opportunity to play with it.
I had some sweet potatoes left over from Christmas so i popped them (once pealed )into the pressure cooker,The instruction booklet says once up to pressure they take 6 mins so i timed it.stopped at 6 mins opened it up and hey presto they were cooked. I then add stock and seasoning blitz down and made sweet potato soup ready for my healthy eating plan that starts tomorrow.

At the weekend i advertised on freecycle for ice cream or takeaway tubs and a lovely lady replied saying she had loads which i could have,so arranged to pick them up yesterday.So I'm going to fill them with my left overs .

I have loads of resolutions too many to mention but hope to stick to at least some of them.One of them is to do more for me.All frugal of course.

until later



  1. My grandmas pressure cooker used to scare me to death. I was always convinced it was going to explode! Sure the new modern ones must be less scary.

  2. I LOVE my PC which is 39 years old and going strong despite regular use [I have replaced the gasket twice in that time]
    I love using it to make stock from a chicken carcase - and then a HUGE quantity of soup to portion and freeze.
    I have an incredible rice pudding recipe http://angalmond.blogspot.co.uk/2009/02/rice-is-nice.html
    that the whole family adores
    Its also good for preparing batches of pulses/beans for home made soups.
    A great tool for frugallers like us- hope you get to love yours just as much. Do not worry - The exploding ones died out after WW2 I think!!
    new year blessings

  3. Happy New Year my dear, I love your resolution to do more for you and think I will join you in that one, as all too often others come way before me in the general ranking.

    Granny x

  4. I'm trying to use up all the extra food I brought for Xmas before I hit the shops again.Lots of Curries and soups. Have a Very Happy New Year. Rosezeeta.

  5. Pressure cookers are great. Years ago we went around Australia and took one with us. It was great.