Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Evening all

Well the rain missed us again today so i was able to get out and plant lots when i got home from work.I'm so excited about seeing what i have planted grow and hoping for a bumper crop.My garden is definitely full of life from the frog and newts in the pond to the cucumbers which are started to form in the greenhouse.

Well i know at least 2 of you were desperate to know of my recent win.
As i said before this is one for my daughter she is going to go with her boyfriend.I won weekend tickets to the Glade festival.I must be getting old as i don't recognise one name

I have just started entering comps again , don't really know why i stopped as i was really successful a few years ago, i ve won some brilliant prizes.So hopefully this is the first of many.

We are going to get a few new additions to our family over the next few days.We are getting chickens.I'm so excited.Chicken Coup being delivered tomorrow so we will be going to look for a few Chickens soon after that.I will keep you all posted.

Welcome to my new followers really appreciate everyone that clicks follow or even reads my ramblings.

Until later


  1. Far more exciting than the chocolates I won!!
    Jane x

  2. How exciting to be able to have chickens, wish we could have them!! Good luck with your garden

  3. Thats a great win, although I also have not heard of any of them!

    Fantastic news on the chickens, my mum got 3 last year so I get free eggs once or twice a week, the yolks are almost orange in colour as she feeds them sweetcorn often as a treat.

  4. What a great win. Must admit I've no idea who most of them are either!

    X x