Saturday, 12 May 2012

All things nice

Its time to focus myself,i have some wonderful things happening in my life later in the year .
So i must concentrate on the good rather than the bad,Debt seems to be the many reason for all my woes even though when thought about logically my total debt is  probably less than what most people have on credit cards.That said its a burden i don't wish to carry anymore.

I read some brilliant inspirational blogs on here and learn new things every day.I'm not the most talented person but I'm a trier.Today i tried the recipe posted by Lavender Attic
and its yummy,the bad news is that I'm the only one that likes lemon curd so i will have to eat it all by myself isn't that a shame...

i even made a lemon cake and spread some in the middle.

Did any of you watch the programme on hoarding? it actually scared me ...i keep things and I'm comfortable having my things out ..but how easy would it be to keep things just in case....Just in case could be my middle names...It has given me the push to recycle that paper and throw things away that cant be freecycled.How many baking dishes does 1 girl need......

The weather was nice today so i planted up some baskets and tomatoes and tonight we have the little one to stay she is so adorable and so easy to care for ,

So now I'm back to my cross stitch.

Until later


  1. Sorry you have been down this week, hope you are feeling a bit better now. Will your hubby be back at work this week? it must be a nightmare not knowing what is coming in. Thank goodness you have been so good at paying off the cc's it must take the pressure off a bit.

  2. I may just go and have a look at that recipe I love Lemon curd.
    Hope next week sees you feeling a little more positive.......

  3. That debt will be out the door before you know it, keep your chin up!!! And have a wonderful Mothers Day

  4. Homemade lemon curd is so delicious, I really should get my backside into gear and make some.........we have been trying to get by on less for quite a while, and trying to pay off the end all you can do is try. x

  5. Yes the hoarding programme was scary. We've had a really good tidy up this weekend.

    Sft x