Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Making the most....

Of the time we have with the girls still being near us.
I was asked by mum if i could pick the girls up from their respective schools.Little one was very excited that nanny had come to pick her up.
Once home we had to quickly get to the post box before the collection ,its not far to walk but boy was it a cold walk.It felt like November.

It was indoor play as the weather was so rubbish.Talking about rubbish weather,i looked at the BBC monthly outlook and it looks like this weather is going to continue into June.Its hard to believe mid summers day is in less than 6 weeks time.

I did a bit of decluttering tonight a lady came and collected a big bag of wool that i wont use and that i had advertised on freecycle.I will try and declutter a few things every week .

Apart from these normal things happening ,family life has been chaotic.I'm looking forward to a nice simple and easy life.

so until next time


  1. You will be bored with a nice simple easy life. i am heading off shortly to look after my Granddaughter as her Mum's blood pressure is way up again, baby is due any time....

  2. True but im looking forward to a debt free and simple life.Hope you had fun and mum is feeling ok now.

  3. what will you save for once you have cleared your debt, I'm wanting a house deposit and a family trip to disney florida!