Saturday, 19 May 2012

You have made my day,my week,my month

Thank you so much Mrs Thrifty for my lovely Secret Sister parcel.
I knew as soon as Postie knocked the door it was going to be my parcel.
I carefully cut the packaging and eased the contents out and how lovely they all are.You have got me spot on.
I already follow Mrs Thrifty and shes had her package not from me i hasten to add.Mine is winging its way to another blogger who will hopefully get it mid week next week.

Here's my goodies and thank you Carla, its a simple but wonderful idea and i want to do it again.
link to Carlas blog


  1. Wow! So many wonderful goodies!!! Lucky you! Enjoy it all! :)

  2. You scored big for sure!! What a fun thing Carla invited us all to join

  3. Thats a really lovely idea! The jam looks good too, my mum has that jam maker I think I might have to borrow it and have a go, its the fruit cost that has stopped me bothering before, do you use it often?

  4. Fantastic goodies! What a lovely idea.

  5. Wonderful goodies you scored there!

  6. What a lovely package you have put together for me I am very touched.I was so excited :) I would love to do the secret sisters again.Thank you :) xx