Wednesday, 16 May 2012

It got me thinking

A lovely person who reads my blog and has a diary i follow on MSE asked me today what i was going to do once my debts are paid off....
and the simple answer is i don't really know.

Sleep peacefully for a start.Not having the worry.
None of my debts are being chased arrangements have been made for 2 of them and i have stuck to it.The other is the loan for the car which we are ahead off and the aim is just to have it paid off.But as you are all away through my blogging despair we are totally governed by the weather and finding our own work,which in this current economic climate is difficult to say the least.So not having debts will ease the financial burden we are under of how much we have to find every week/month.
Savings i would love to have something behind us .

I have become accustomed to living frugally and that doesn't bother me but i cant stand the worry anymore,I must be getting old.

What would you do if you were debt free or what does being debt free enable you to do?
Over to you


  1. If I were debt free I could stop worrying about retirement, if we need a new car, if we need a new septic,paying for new windows, new floors, new roof.....the list is endless.
    Jane x

  2. We have been debt free for many years other than our home (close to paying off!) Being debt free opens up so many doors, you don't worry as much about job loss as you can put more $$ into savings, your retirement fund can begin to really grow, the best part of all for us is we can share what we have more freely. Giving to others is a feeling like no other!!!

  3. I doubt if I will ever be in a place of not having to worry about money, so being debt free would just make that all a bit easier to bear....

  4. Hi our main debt is our mortage not sure if I should class it as debt as everyone has to pay some form of rent etc.
    We have a loan that has about £670.00 left on it. This will be paid of by december and we will be about £80.00 better of. Hubby has a full time job & I do the ironing from home!. I am sure you know the joys of ironing! but I quite like doing it from home I must admit. I would if I was debt/mortgage free. Let my home out as a holiday let & go off a month at at a time with hubby & see more places than what I have been. I hope the weather picks up so your work picks up for you both xx

  5. We are debt free, after having paid everything off at the start of last year. After investing in our move and buying just the things we needed, we are now in the good position of being able to save like mad to buy our very first land and house of our very own.

    Then we will have a mortgage but our plan is to continue living as cheaply as possible and paying it off super quick. Fingers crossed this is what we can do, who knows the future!!

    Sue xx

  6. Hi, we owed around £20,000 three and years ago, now we are down to about £3,200 and fingers crossed it will all be gone by the end of this year. After that it will all go towards the huge mortgage we have, when the mortgage is paid off though i would love to go away a lot more often and maybe get a caravan somewhere or even a little cottage in the country - well you can dream!