Friday, 4 May 2012

Not much has happened lately which is kind of a good thing as life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately.
Eldest daughter came for dinner last night which was great,i get moaned at all the time for always having my camera out but the scene in the picture below is one that i longed for ,for the 2 years my daughter didn't visit her dad for.

Cant believe the weather by now all my hanging baskets would be made and hung out only to be put in the greenhouse if a frost was forecast.Going to plant some of my veg out tomorrow,it will be nice to declutter a bit.

Little ones are around for a while tomorrow will make the most of it whilst i can.
We are going to the Cotswold's on Sunday/Monday staying  in our £10 a night Travelodge we booked a few months ago.I think Sunday is going to be dry but not Monday but it will be nice to have a change of scenery,Life has been a bit draining what with the stress and worry of the girls being moved and trying to clear debts.So its time to recharge my batteries.

Hope you are all well
until later

PS Fostermummy i now blame you for my obsession with The Killing.I cant even do something whilst watching it because of reading the subtitles and the soap is looking great.


  1. Hope you have a lovely family weekend. Arwedd xx

  2. And what beautiful daughter you have, they are stunning. I can understand why such a picture means the world to you.

    Enjoy your weekend and recharge your batteries.

    X x

  3. Hi, the cotswolds sounds like its just what you need, is it a travelodge you are staying in? if so is there any chance of some sneaky photos of the room as I have never stayed in one and they are super cheap, have a fantastic time x

  4. Hope you enjoy your stay in the Cotswolds.Travelodge are brilliant value, we have stayed in them a few times over the years, clean and basic but they are great.