Monday, 28 May 2012

How times change

Before i started my long and very lonely journey to become debt free i never really kept proper records of payments.Now i enter every payment i make on my Snowball account.On Friday i phoned to confirm the balance on my the car loan and was told a figure about £350 more than i had.Now i would expect maybe a few pounds different but not £350.A statement for the account was sent out and received today. The statement showed the figure i had but the covering letter showed the figure i was told over the phone.I phoned and was told that the statement was probably wrong and the figure quoted would be correct.I went through every payment on that  statement and matched it with every payment i made.I then added everything up and came to my original figure.The company then rang me back and she said she had also added it up and my figures were correct.A letter is being sent to me with the amended amount on it for future proof.

I'm so glad i was able to back up all my payments as in the past i probably wouldn't have known and just overpaid.So moral of this story is to always keep records.

I'm still fighting a loosing battle with my OH because he worked Saturday and my son is away he decided not to work today,first i knew of this was when i arrived home from work.He does work hard and i know it is hard working out in this weather but how much time did he loose in the wet weather.....

well rant over...
I had 1 good bit of news today i will fill you in more when i know more but i won a competition today.Not really one for me but DD and her boyfriend will hopefully make good use of it.


  1. Can't wait to hear moreabout this competition. I never win anything except once when I won a long blonde wig, my hair at the time was long and blonde LOL

  2. won something. I once won a box of chocolates in 1985!
    Jane x

  3. How exciting, don't keep us in suspenders for too long we want to know what you won!

  4. I agree sometimes keeping track of everrything to pay to a company is a very good idea.

    Can't wait to hear what you've won. You are naughty dangling a carrot at us like that!!

    Sue xx