Saturday, 19 May 2012

Happy Birthday

Today is my granddaughters 10th Happy Birthday.As my son has the girls over to stay on a Friday night he wanted us all to go out for a meal to celebrate her birthday.
We met a pub close to where he and my in laws live and had a lovely time.
Birthday girl was using my camera to take lots of pictures and unfortunately for me managed to format my memory card and delete 100s of photos.Stupidly on my part i hadn't backed these photos up.I have some on here and my daughter has some so i have a selection of the important ones.So please learn from my mistake and back your photos up.
After the pub we went back to in laws for tea and birthday cake and then i gave everyone a lift home,this is where it comes in handy having 6 plus seats .
Today i am going to make some Raspberry jam, i managed to pick up a few punnets reduced yesterday in Asda .jars are currently being rewashed in dishwasher along with the pan part the jam is made in.I cheat ( only slightly and use an electric gizmo made by Tefal i think its wonderful.I will take photos as i do it to show you.

So until later heres birthday pictures that were taken after formatting.

I know this one looks quite random but a duck keeps coming back to FIL pond,We thought she was lovely FIL not so keen on her visiting.



  1. Aww, what sweet little girls!!

  2. Happy Birthday double digits....
    Best Raspberry jam I ever tasted was one I made myself from my own Raspberry canes, theres something about using your own home grown produce, which makes it so special.....