Wednesday, 9 May 2012

How does your garden grow

Well definitely not with silver bells.
I have just had a wonder up my garden to see how things are doing.I have lots more to plant but i have now run out of compost.
Normally by now i would have all my baskets and bags planted and would be moving them in and out of the greenhouse to harden them off, I have done 1.

These Busy Lizzie's were reduced to £1.05 in Tesco.i also have Petunias and more Busy Lizzie's to plant (when i have more compost)
Red Peppers i have planted 2 in a bag,quite a few more to go in.

My strawberries have a few flowers, hoping to start a few more plants off the runners so we get more than 1 strawberry each.

My lilac tree

has started to bloom,this is one of the only plants that was in the garden when we moved in.

Garlic,getting big,1st time i have grown garlic could some kind soul tell me when you harvest garlic.

Onions lots planted and more to go in.


 lots of these some will go in baskets, i have a few of the upside down hanging planters and the rest will go in growbags.My cucumber plants are doing well ,i think i have about 6 so hoping for lots of lovely homegrown cucumbers this year..
loads more things in conservatory and green house all waiting to go out.

So how is your garden growing?

until later


  1. We are growing garlic for the first time this year as well. I put it in last fall, I do dig around with my finger every now and then to see how big the bulbs are, so far not to good! I read that you harvest after the garlic blooms and the leaves begin to turn yellow and brown. No blooms on ours yet :(

    1. thanks, as you can see no flowers on mine either, did you buy sets or plant cloves?

  2. I have never tried growing garlic, why don't you google it...

  3. At the centre of all the leaves you will see a will grow and then curl over. That is called the scape. Cut off the scape from quite low down. You can eat the scape. Chop it onto salads, baked pots etc raw for a hit of garlic...or use it to make soup.It can be used the same way as chives.
    Once the leaves have begun to turn brown is when to harvest. Leaving the leaves on, place the plants in a shaded dry place to dry out for about 3 weeks, then remove the leaves and store the garlic. You can eat the garlic without drying it off but it won't store unless dry.
    Jane x

  4. I don't know much about garlic :) I have different salads, peas and radishes so far. And I just planted beans and will get kale finally into the ground. I also grow herbs and they are doing fine, except for basil.We had a couple of cold nights, and I guess it was too cold for it :(

  5. We're not doing well at all - rain halts play here, we have an allotment but its getting flooded and we may loose the potatoes! We have onions, garlic and shallots growing but I'm failing badly with the Tomatoes, we also have beans, peas and runners waiting to go in but we can't do it yet because of the rain!!

  6. Glad your garden is doing so well. You should have a great harvest with all that yummy food. Can't really add anything more regarding the garlic as its all been said. My conservatory is full of plants and making it a pain for when we want to eat at the table. Let's hope some good weather comes to stay soon.

    X c

  7. Was going to answer your garlic question, but Jane has given you the perfect answer!

    I wish I had remembered to plant some!!

    Sue xx