Friday, 11 May 2012

Bl**dy great

I have just got back from work only to find my Adsense account has been suspended because my account has been hacked,not much info given but someone in a far off land has done something in my account.I have had to fill in a form and email it back to them.They may or may not reinstate the account irrelevant of who is to blame.
Oh well that's that bit of extra money out of the window.

Today started off badly as well.i arrived at my first job to find she had moved.....i got back in my car to ring her and left a voice mail.luckily she rang back and said she had text me, now if she had would i have travelled 4 miles to her house, i don't think address has been given and I'm back cleaning her new house next week.

As you can probably gather from this post I'm a bit down in the dumps today,nothing seems to be going right at the moment,its one big up hill struggle.I keep having to remind myself that i am doing well and things will get better but its hard.OH hasn't brought home any money in well over 2 weeks the joys of being self employed.
The girls are coming over again tonight for tea and little one is staying tomorrow,we have to make the most of the time we have with them.

I'm going to take solice in the garden now and plant some grow bags up in my green house.
Hope your day is going better than mine

until later


  1. You do seem a bit down although you do seem to have a lot to be fed up about.
    I love that somebody else swears with stars, maybe your time in the garden will buck you up.....

  2. Another blog friend had the same problem with their account.
    Hope the sun shines for you this weekend....have a look to see if your scapes are showing yet!
    Jane x

  3. the same thing happened to my adsense acct...I wrote a letter stating I had no idea what happened and no control over what happened..they said too bad , bye.
    oh well...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  4. Hope this weekend makes up for your crummy week.....sun is forecast!!!

    K xx

  5. Enjoy your time in the garden!! Next week can only get better.

  6. I'm starting to think Adsense is a big con. I had over £100 in my account when it was suddenly suspended due to 'unauthorised clicking'. I appealed but was turned down, so now I allow NO advertising on my Blog at all.

    Sorry to hear you Hubby has been unable to bring money in, it's very frustrating when you're self employed and this happens, I lived with this for years with my first husband. Luckily although my new other half is also self employed he is in a high demand job and is never without work....phew!!

    I hope things get better for you over the weekend. I always find getting my hands in the soil and getting on with things really helps.

    Sue xx

  7. I hope things improve quickly looks like the weather is picking up a bit now so your husband should be OK.

    Have you read the book "the secret", lots of people talk about it on MSE, I came across it yesterday in the works for 24p. If you havent rea it I will send it to you once i have finished.