Thursday, 10 May 2012


As i have said many times before i try and i try to reduce my energy usage.I was very proud of DD yesterday as she said to her boyfriend he couldn't leave something charging all night as it was unnecessary and we would be paying for it.That all being said about how good im trying to be we are doing something wrong if these charts are anything to go by, just look at the difference from this year to last. I know last Spring was very warm and this one hasn't been but its still scares the life out of me how much has been used.
I have gone from a B rating down to a C rating.

the blue is Electricity,the red is Gas.

Today is DD last day in year 12 she goes on study leave after today as her AS2 exams start on Monday when all exams are finished she gets 2 weeks off then starts year 13 end of June.She is very stressed at the moment with all the work she has to do.

I read a lovely blog on Martin Lewis about a ladies debt free journey she writes brilliantly and everyone suggested she writes a book ,I had the privileged yesterday of reading the 1st few chapters she has written and it was brilliant,i hope she does continue and manages to finish her book.

Im struggling at the moment ,not as much money is coming in as i would like.OH hasn't been paid for what seems like an age.It just shows me how important it is for us to pay everything off because we can control our debts but we cant control the weather and that really is beyond are control.

have a great day


  1. I know what you mean about energy usage. I think we are all so much more aware of being wastefull. Thats good of your daughter to be thinking along those lines to. I always have to remind mine to turn lights etc of.
    Glad things are going well with your daughter for you all to. I long for the day when things are a lot different. I do not want to wish my daughter life away but I do kinda look forward to when she is a bit more grown up & nicer to us her mum & dad x x

  2. I too am trying to keep our electric and water bill down but having a time of it getting hubby to turn off lights!! Hope things turn around soon and the money begins to flow into your home

  3. the electric and gas usage is something our household really fail on! I will have to talk to DH and see what we can do!

    Hopefully the weather will improve soon, Im lucky I dont rely on it however I would like to start walking DD to nursery which is a few miles away!

  4. No chance of us keepin gour electricity bills down when my MIL falls asleep every night with her TV on in her bedroom. and i would'nt dare go in and switch it off in case I woke her....

  5. I hope your daughter manages to chill a little. Its bad enough having a child doing GCSE's yet alone a levels.

    Electricity and gas are crazy at the mo. Its so hard to keep the bills low.

    X x