Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Shes home

DD 2 is home from her school trip to Somerset and she loved it.It was very flooded but it didn't rain much.
The flooding obviously wasn't good but its helped the trip as she was studying physical Geography and extreme weather is part of the course.
Its lovely to have her home.
DD1 had a hospital appointment today,lovely MIL took her for me as i had work.Ever since she was a toddler DD has had problems with her ears,she has 2 new eardrums made in 1 ear and 1 in the other.Even though they have been replaced she still gets loads of problems,they get blocked easily and she couldn't hear a thing.Her ears were cleaned and now everything is very loud for her,one comment she mad to me which made me laugh was she didn't realise how noisy pulling toilet roll could be.

Im off to catch up on my reading now
so until later


  1. Somerset was indeed flooded lol I had to take DD1 to the doctors and although the building was clear we had to roll our trousers up and paddle through the carpark it was calf length. I hope she enjoyed the trip x

  2. Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog, see you around....

  3. I hope her ears stay clear for longer this time, life's so strange when you can't hear properly.

    Sue xx

  4. So glad she had a good time. Hope things quieten a little for her soon.

    X x