Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Those lazy,hazy,crazy days of summer

Today has been glorious only been spoilt slightly by having to go to work.DD had her History exam today and it wasn't worth going home in between, so i sat and completed one of the cross stitches that New Beginnings sent me.

This evening the little ones came over to play and we had a BBQ We had to settle to having a little water fight as we couldn't use the hose pipe.It was great fun and so much nicer because the sun shone,

Hope your day has been good as well,


  1. Sweet pictures! Our little granddaughters love having a water fight too-and now that our temperatures are edging toward 100F, that water feels really good!

  2. Love that cross stitch design.
    We are heading towards Winter here in Oz so water games are over for a few months, your Granddaughter looks like she is having fun !!!

  3. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Amazing how much happier we feel with a little bit of sun on our faces.

    Hope your daughters getting on ok with her exams.

    X x