Sunday, 20 May 2012

Family Tree

This afternoon we went with my husbands parents to visit a cousin of my mother in law.Hes 87 and a font of knowledge.He has some amazing photos of my OH's Great great grandparents if i remember correctly it was taken in about 1890 ish.My photos of the photos don't do them justice.We spent 5 hours with them listening to stories of days gone by.
He has some amazing stories of the 2nd world war and his boss obtaining Mussolini's car and even knowing where the names of roads near where i live came from.As you normally find in families his children have no interest or sentiment in keeping the tree going or preserving it.I hope their grandchildren are interested as i would hate to see it not go to a loving home,

the below picture is my OH's great great grandparents


  1. How lovely that you have all those wonderful photos to pass down the family. I love family history and have done lots of research and found out loads of information but - no photos. Oh I wish I had been able to find some, its lovely to put names to faces. Patricia

  2. My Daughter is the one in our family who keeps the photos and researches the history behing them, these are precious reminders of days gone by...

  3. These are such precious memories and pictures! Hubby's grandma in 97, and I always enjoy listening to her stories.

  4. How lovely that all the photos are carefully labelled. We have so many that have slightly 'look a likey' faces but no names to aid our guesswork.

    A wonderful family tree. Living history is brilliant.

    Sue xx

  5. Oh wow, what stunning photos. I love looking at all the old photos my family have and hearing all about our history.

    X x

  6. I'm a real family history buff so this story was fab for me to read.I'm so envious of your lovely old photos, I can only go back to grandparents.