Saturday, 2 June 2012

New additions

Say hello to the new additions to our family.

They are a bit nervous so aren't venturing out much at the moment.All 3 are around the 17 week mark a few more weeks before they start laying but all 3 will lay a slightly different type of egg.
I have wanted hens for quite a while now so when neighbours got them OH said i could so i ordered the coup and today we went to choose our lovely ladies.
The all over ginger one is a Warren,docile and child friendly.
White one is a White Star
The other ginger one has black tail feather is a Columbian Blacktail.

Our dog has to learn to get on with them,thy are used to dogs as a few of them were running around the small holding we went too.

Im reading up lots of how to look after chickens but i know a few of you out there have them so any advice would be gratefully received


  1. Oh I am so jealous, I wish we had the room for a couple of chickens!! Lucky you!

  2. I'm so jealous! I've been looking at having hens for a while but never completely convinced myself its the right thing to do.

    I may be asking you for advice if I decide to go ahead.

    X x

  3. What have you named them?
    Jane x

  4. They look yummy, how long until you can cook them.

    Only joking!

    Hope they settle in soon.

    Arwedd xx

  5. Arwedd...that's!! Glad you're only joking!!

    They look a good mix of birds. If you need any help or tips, please feel free to ask. My email is on the sidebar of my Blog.

    Have fun with them and enjoy the eggs when they start coming, not long now.

    Sue xx

  6. What an adventure you have ahead of you, wish we could have chickens :(

  7. Awesome! My sister has some chickens but they are still pretty young. I think if we had some our neighbor's cats would eat them :)

  8. Ah! so cute. My mum has a brown and a white like yours and a black one, and the white one only lays white eggs so my ds2 only eats those eggs as she is sort of named named after him (georgina!)

    Will they have the run of your garden or do they have a seperate area? When my dad used to walk down the garden they followed him everywhere like a dog, so comical.

  9. Make sure you have them safely away from your dog, even the most docile of animals will turn on a chicken if they are not used to having them around.
    My Daughter's friend got up the other morning and her dog had killed every one of her birds !!!!!