Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Its so cold

My house is so cold ,I'm sure its warmer outside but i refuse to put the heating on.
I have now decided as well as debt busting I'm going to try and save for a wood burner.It will take a while because you have to get a liner as well and get it fitted but I'm going to try.In the meantime I'm going to collect wood and chop it up and leave it to cure so when i eventually can afford it and its all fitted we will have some logs being prepared for future use.

Granddaughters came tonight its now less than 3 weeks until they move ...As i mentioned before we were hoping that we would be able to collect the girls from Manchester and bring them home once a month but after chatting to my big brother over the weekend i don't think any of us will be able to afford it.His eldest lives in Manchester and it cost him £100 in fuel there and back.So we will have to work something else out.

Decided to do a spot of baking this evening some lovely Chocolate Brownies,delicious even though i do say so myself.

My fluffy little ladies haven't laid me any eggs yet but it should be soon (hopefully)but they are lovely if anyone is debating having chickens i would highly recommend it.Even our dog has got used to them and they were never worried about her.
My wormery produced a nice big bottle of worm fertiliser today.so i watered this down and used it on my vegetables .I cant believe how brave i am becoming.I can now pick up my worms and move them all be it with gloves on.

Hope everyone in blogland is well,
until later

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  1. It is really cold isnt it? It will soon be the longest day too and then its all downhill to autumn! Hope you manage to save for a log burner, they look so lovely and I bet they give out loads of heat too.
    Your brownies look really tasty too.

  2. I'm afraid I succumbed and put the heating on this evening, it's just so cold. Would love a wood burner but we've got nowhere to put it. Hope your hens lay soon. P.x

  3. We LOVE our wood buring stove, it even has a cooktop if the power is ever off, but it did cost a bundle of $$. Prays for you that you can figure a way to see your sweet grands on a regular basis, I know it must break your heart. :(

  4. Hubby and I snuggled under a blanket whilst watching tv last night as like you said it was freezing. No heating on and won't be either.

    Quick question where did you get your wormery from? Thought about it for hubby as he loves stuff like that.

    X x

    1. I was lucky enough to get the whole lot off Freecycle,But it is from here

      I recently purchased some new worms as i wasnt sure how many were inside and they are devouring the scraps now.

  5. It's certainly not flaming June, that's for sure! Hope you manage to save for a wood burner, they look so lovely. I usually snuggle under my blankets when it's cold, good job I've got so many. Hope you sort something out with your little granddaughters. Lots of love xxx