Monday, 25 June 2012


Sorry i haven't posted for a few days. This weekend we celebrated my OH's 50th Birthday.
It was touch and go whether it actually would go ahead as on Friday after all his moaning about wanting a party he decided Friday morning he didn't want one.By Friday afternoon he wanted a Party again.
So as Saturday was supposed to be the better day of the weekend,we invited about 20 people around.
Freezers were raided for as much suitable food as possible and then a trip to Iceland for the rest.I didn't spend a fortune .I worry about gatherings but apart from the rain,the BBQ not working(gas) and my eldest 2 children causing a bit of grief it went well.

I left the last few stragglers with OH and went to bed at about 1.30 am as a sucker for punishment i had to be up at 5am to take my youngest to work.

Sunday was OH's actual birthday not that he saw much of it as he didn't get up until well after 12..
DS even though a tad argumentative over the last few days has finally shared some wonderful news to most nearest and dearest,apart from eldest daughter who still doesn't know as he refuses to allow anyone to tell her.Thats a depressing story for another day. I digress never too old is going to be a nanny again...Baby is due 5th January.We did find out a while ago but it was hush hush.Its very sad that my lovely granddaughters are going to be so far away from little brother or sister and this is going to be another obstacle my son is going to have to overcome in making sure he gets up to Scotland on a regular basis.We now have less than a week before they move,sad.

2 of my little ladies are now laying.I had my first white egg ,I'm so looking forward to having that tomorrow.

Hope everyone is well
until later


  1. Gosh, what a lot of news in a few days! Congratualtions on being a nanny again thats lovely for you all. I can't believe that both your dh's birthday and the girls leaving has come around so fast, where did that last few months go?

    I hope it is not too difficult for you this week saying your goodbyes, have you made any plans for a first visit?

    1. I know the time has flown by.Story of my life one drama after another.

  2. Congratulations! We are expecting a new grandchild in January also. I'll be thinking about you this week and hope it won't be a very long time before you can have a visit with your granddaughters.

  3. Congratulations on your new little blessing...

    Family gatherings never go without there fair share of dramas, but it looks as if Hubby enjoyed himself. Glad you got all your arrangements sorted out eventually...

  4. A new grandchild is always welcome into the family, congratulations to you all.

    So much news over the course of a weekend, you do like to keep things happening don't you!!

    Sue xx

    1. Never dull here.we seem to go from o e drama to another. I wish life was a bit more peaceful x

  5. Well congratulations my dear, what wonderful news. I bet you are so excited.

    Glad to hear (&see) that other halts birthday went well.

    Did you ever decide who was going to Paris with you?

    X x

    1. Thanks, haven't been able to get too excited yet because of the girls going. My youngest daughter is coming with me. Even though he wasn't happy hubbie doesn't want to do the same things as me and it's rare that he isn't included on all my wins. He turns down most of them. X

  6. Congrats on your new grand!! You are a brave lady to have cooked for that crowd. We have 3 DD's I don't think a day could go by that one or more doesn't have some little drama it's a girl thing! Ha

  7. Congratulations, thats great news. Although slightly marred by the girls move :(

    Well done on standing your ground regarding taking your daughter to Paris, it couldn't have been easy.

    Bernie x

  8. Congrats on the new grandchild, sad with you re the others move, hope it isn't too traumatic for you all.

    Glad to hear DD2 is coming to Paris with you, I bet you'll have a fantastic time and with all the stuff that's gone on lately, I reckon you need a well deserved break. x

    Glad party went well, you sound a bit down, so hope you are ok but looks like OH enjoyed. Well done you, looks like things were pretty well organised to me.

    Remember I'm here if you need to talk. Lots of love Grannyx2 x