Friday, 15 June 2012

My little jar of loveliness

Many thanks for the answers to yesterdays question.
I was up way to early this morning so decided to use my time wisely.I roasted the nuts on a low heat for about 10 mins (mini oven) let them cool down.Whilst this was happening i went down to open the greenhouse and water it,picked a few weeds from the raised beds and then sorted my little ladies out.Clean water ,obvious muck picked up and bedding fluffed up.(i know this isn't necessary but i like them to be comfortable lol)

Back indoors and its still only 6.10 am.... Skin rubbed off nuts very easily. Into blender and chopped to an inch of their life's.Dash of oil,salt and sprinkling of sugar and voila peanut butter ,popped into a sterilised jar and ready for me to try on my toast.Very nice it was too,not like i normally have a lot lighter in colour but i would imagine so much better for you.( i hope)

Now confession time i thought peanut butter was made with butter...Is it just me that's dense?

Here's where i got my inspiration its an American site


  1. Most folk think that it's made with butter.

    Does it taste as good as it looks then?

    Much better for you I guess than the bought stuff, it being all freshly made, although I doubt it will last long, once folk get to taste it, so no worries about it keeping for any length of time.

    Sue xx

  2. Sounds delicious! I have had a peanut butter addiction since I was 7 years old. It's my favourite breakfast food - as good as porridge for slow release energy. I think I'll give your recipie a try soon. Jx

  3. I wouldn't worry I think most people think that too.

    Looks good and sounds tasty.

    Great looking web site, I shall have a good read of it when I have more time.

    X x

  4. Er, I have to confess that I thought peanuts were mixed with butter too!!!!

  5. Hi
    Please pop over to my blog I have something to give you
    Julie xx
    ps. I won't be offend if you do not wish to accept :o)

  6. OO, yummy homemade peanut butter.Think I may have to give that a go.

    Loving the blog

    Gx2 x

  7. The colour difference is probably because you have no colourings and additives in there, looks yummy....