Wednesday, 27 June 2012


My life seems to always have so much going on in it.Im sure Eastenders could get enough depressing inspiration for a weeks worth of programmes.
Thanks for all your lovely comments on previous postings.
My DS seems to be taking all his frustrations on his girls leaving out on his father an I at the moment.My youngest daughter (the voice of reason) says he is waiting for an apology from both of us on how he feels he has been treated over the whole drama between him and his sister (very long story) I have played back over and over in my mind what i have said and done and nothing warrants an apology,im the first to say sorry if i do something wrong as it plays on my mind.I feel if i apologies for the sake of it im admitting that his actions were OK and then it can all happen again.
Last night was our last Tuesday with the girls coming over,they seem very upbeat about it all,even though little one has now left playgroup( her friend cried) and big one leaves school today.They will be staying with my son from Thursday evening onwards and get picked up about 10 am on Monday.
Friday is little ones 4th birthday so we are all off to Legoland,we managed to get Corporate tickets through daughters work so have managed to get them alot cheaper.
Im still struggling on with the debt busting and have cut back drastically on my grocery spending as im using things up from the freezer.I have been putting my grocery money into a purse each week and what is left over is put to one side to go towards buying my woodburner.Its been a hard week with paying things off as i bank with Nat west the bank that has had all the technical issues,its now been a week and cheques that i have paid in have not gone onto my account,i have been told its a waiting game.

On a lighter note i got myself a book from Amazon with my Swagbucks vouchers its a lovely book and i want that life.

Im very excited about Paris,even though travel tickets cant be booked yet as DD hasn't got her passport back.This hasnt gone easy either.Because of her age her last passport was only valid for 5 years.She will now get a 10 year one,because we need it quicker than the 6 weeks now being quoted she has to go to London for an interview.Shes a British citizen with a passport that has only just expired and we have to go through all this hassle.Im not even allowed in the building with her as only one person is allowed in .Well thats happening on the 9th July so hopefuly on the 10th our transport can be booked.

Hope you all have a good day
until later


  1. Sending loads of best wishes.. it's SO difficult when members of a family fall out. I hope that everything calms down soon. Jx

  2. It sounds like you are right regarding your DS if this has blown up recently at the same time he is so devastated about the girls leaving. I can't imagine what it must feel like, maybe he is just not thinking clearly at the moment.Hard for you though.

    I just had a peep at that book and it is fantasic! I watched a repeat of their cookery series recently but had'nt realised they were big on self sufficiancy, be careful or you will end up with a mini farm in the back garden!

  3. Sometimes life is just SO complicated. Take time for yourself amongst all this hassle.

    Your son will most likely come to terms with things soon, and maybe even realise how hard he has been on you all, I hope so. And as for the passport situation, that's ridiculus if she already has held a UK passport, they are just wasting their time and yours with this unnecessary check.

    Take care.

    Sue xx

  4. Hope things improve with your DS soon, I know its heartbreaking to have so much family drama, we have had our fair share over the years. Life is just to short to hold anger and resentment

  5. Families who would have them LOL

    Gosh security must really have tightened up if you have to go through the third degree just to renew a passport, times are changing.....

  6. There is an age old saying that we take out our frustrations on those nearest to us as we know they will always have our backs. I'm sure that is what this situation with your son is all about. Just take it easy with him, as I'm sure you are, and try not to take it to heart, as he is clearly devastated about his little ones leaving. Big hugs to you all at such a difficult time. Hope you had a lovely day today with the birthday party.

    Lots of love Granny x