Wednesday, 20 June 2012

1st Egg

One of my ladies has laid her first egg, small but perfectly formed.When i arrived home from work i looked in the nesting box and was disappointed at seeing no eggs.
I bent down to give them a talking too and low and behold there it was in the middle of the run.

 I do hope they get used to laying in the nesting box.
Still no decision made on who's going to Paris.Both my girls passports have expired.Eldest definitely wont be able to afford to renew yet and youngest has to renew hers soon anyway.

So its talk time. either OH goes and takes DD 2 ,I go with DD2 Or i go with OH but he will have to fit in with my plans,i want to site see not sit in a bar or restaurant. I found out today that we would be going by Eurostar because of where i live.Tim Burton exhibition is 11 am on the Saturday and takes a few hours.
Hotel isn't far from Louvre so maybe that could be Friday and the car taking us to and from exhibition could drop us near the Eiffel Tower after exhibition. Decisions , decisions.

Until later


  1. Exciting decisions though. The Louvre is wonderful. It would be best with OH if he could be persuaded to bring his romantic side with him :-).

    Congratulations on the first egg. To get them in the habit of laying in the nesting box, put a fake egg in there, or if you don't have one, use one of theirs, just leave it there for a couple of days until another one joins it then you know they have the idea.

    Sue xx

  2. Isn't it exciting when they lay their first egg....Enjoy!

    Julie xx

  3. This will be the first of many eggs I'm sure and so exciting for you. Hope you come to a decision soon about Paris which I know you'll enjoy.
    Patricia x

  4. Ah bless your girls, your first egg!!

  5. Was this first egg found before or after you had scared them with the "words"? Exactly what did you say to them - something like, "lay an egg or its the oven for you"


    Anyway, please don't deprive yourself of this wonderful prize, so scrap option 1 out of your list - PLEASE x

    Next explain to all 3 the dilemma you are faced with and your thoughts about it all. I.E. If either daughter wanted to come they have to pay for their own passports asap as you only have a month. If OH is coming, could you treat it as a late 50th birthday treat/present, of course ensuring that you get your plans of how you want the trip to go to him. Alternatively, I know a Granny who loves Paris :rotfl:

    (((hugs))) Talk soon x

  6. Wohoo! Congrats on the first egg :)

  7. How exciting your first egg, I'll just bet you felt like such a proud Mum or Gran !!!!!

    Who would have thought a prize would cause you sleepless nights ....

  8. Go on your own and leave them all behind! :-D