Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Back to normal

Jubilee party went well we had a lovely evening.I forgot to take photos but the little girls next door loved my cakes and even my egg sandwiches.I worked yesterday an extra job,cleaning the cleanest dining room ever and the strangest thing ever happened....
The lady in question is in the prime of her life and apparently she used to be a medium (not paid) and a healer.Well when i had finished she turned to ma and said that i have inner turmoil,2 members of my family are upsetting me with their actions ( my DS and DD don't speak to each other) She also said my mum is always with me and described her to me,told me the flowers she liked and the colour flowers she disliked. I was gobsmacked that this person i didn't know from Adam knew so much.It was amazing.

Back to normal work today and after work i went to Asda as i had read on Martin Lewis
they have loads of basic food stuff reduced to clear managed to find lots and for once managed to pick up loads of reduced veg (including asparagus)so had a blanching session and froze it all in portions.

Hens are doing well cant seem to stop myself from just watching them,garden is growing well.I think we have had enough rain now need some more sun to ripen the strawberries.
Debt busting is slow going haven't won the lottery so still just paying what i can, oh wait you actually have to buy a ticket to be in with a chance of winning,that's where I'm going wrong.

Hope you are all OK
until later


  1. Gosh fancy her knowing all that! scary really.

    Great bargains to be had then, not to self must check them out.

    I imagine my fruit cage would be great for your chickens. I am still very tempted, think i shall get hubby to measure the space on the weekend.

    X x

  2. I telll myself I don't beleive but sometimes you get a reading done and it's so eerily true...

  3. Eww, that might creep me out a bit!!

  4. I do believe and used to experience it myself, I havent for a few years now but still retain some strong senses. I have freaked loads of people out lol I dont know why most of it stopped.