Saturday, 16 June 2012

Christmas Present

On Christmas day last year an offer was advertised on MSE for £50 off hotel breaks through a certain site.DD2 decided that she would book us a 1 nights stay away as she had wanted to get us something else.So a hotel was chosen and it was decided we would go in the Summer(now that's a laugh).And today is the day we go,OH is working at the moment so we will be going this afternoon.Pictures will follow.It cost her just over £25 for bed and breakfast for both of us.
Picnic wine glasses are packed.we will pick up a couple of cheap bottles of wine for this evening.I cant wait.

My chickens still haven't laid,i know its early days they are about 19 weeks old now,we think the white one is older .
Sue if your reading this what do you think of this?

Our coop can be moved around so even though we want a bigger run for the girls, we want to keep them safe from our dog,even though she is being good with them and they don't bat an eyelid at her.Mia is from a rescue home and we were advised that she was there because she doesn't mix with other animals.So we don't want to risk it. She wont jump in  or break in we just need something so she knows her boundaries.I hope that makes sense.


  1. Have a lovely time away hun. Looking forward to seeing the pics when you get back.

    X x

  2. Hope you have a lovely time!

  3. Have a great time this weekend, hope the weather is sunny!

  4. I hope you had a lovely time x

  5. Have a great little getaway!