Monday, 12 December 2011

Who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks...

My darling daughter was off sick today so i rearranged my work so she could go to Dr s.
Once the pain killers kicked in, she decided to teach our dog a new trick...hi five,bribed with dog biscuits she soon caught on.

Finally managed to defrost my chest freezer,it was really bad.Took 24 hours to defrost(note to myself never,never let it get that bad again),
Hubby took the food to his mums yesterday as hers was empty.So now i have a lovely clean virtually empty freezer,just waiting for all the food to go back into it.
I had been trying since at least September to empty the freezer but seemed to just add to it.
The oven will be going on shortly for dinner so whilst its on im going to attempt to make some Yorkshire puddings.These simple things always turn out disastrous for me, so im going to try again,batter is made and in the fridge......if and i mean only if they come out looking like Yorkshire's and not like Frisbee's i will take a photo.
wish me luck...

well they rose and they are the best I have ever done, I am so pleased they rose,

pps.. Thanks for all the nominations for the award,Im a bit dense sometimes and im not sure what im supposed to do.Glad you enjoy reading my blog,


  1. Cute doggy. We have had yorkshire puds with stew for tea. Hope yours turned out well, ours were lovely but we do use aunt bessies batter!(yes cheating i know but they never fail). I really hate defrosting freezers. It was one of my jobs when I worked in a laboratory and I hated it with a passion. I ve only got a very small freezer now and it doesnt take much doing.

  2. Dogs soon catch on when food's involved. Our's can do high five too, as well as sing and dance, roll over, play dead etc. All for food I hasten to add. We've got a frost free freezer which never needs defrosting, thank goodness. I used to hate that job.