Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sleeping Beauty

My daughter is finding it extremely hard having a cast on.The effort of getting around is getting her down,
She has bruises on her arms form the crutches and cant seem to find a comfortable position to sleep.
Last night she decided to sleep downstairs ,she was awake when i came down just after 6 but has fallen asleep now....
I have to leave her for some of the day so i make sure she has a hot drink in a flask and bottles of other drinks by her side.
I have had to be a bit more generous with my heating not the temp but being on a bit more .

I'm off to see my other daughter this morning, she only lives about a mile and a half away.I do this in secret as she had a huge falling out with her dad 2 years ago and she has not spoken to him since.He knows i must see her but i keep it quite as it can cause him to get angry as he does miss her. I'm hoping she is going to see him soon as i ask her every time we talk to get back in contact and she finally said yes she would.
Y is very protective over me and doesn't like how her dad will sometimes speak to me and i know this is one of the reasons she doesn't come back.I just want some normality back,she will never live back at home but i want her with us on family gatherings, i want to go out with her and mostly i don't want to do it in secret.
Y is only 20 and is probably scared to make the step back and nervous that her dad will bring it all back up in any arguments.But fingers crossed. I love her and miss her and want her in our lives.

I'm going to see a potential new cleaning customer tomorrow they want 2 and half hours a week.I do hope it goes well as this will help out as oh;s work has gone very quite.
Until later


  1. Hope you daughter starts to feel a little brighter soon. I struggled with my wrist in plaster, I can only imagine how difficult it is with a leg!

    Bless you for seeing your other daughter. It is difficult with families, I had something similar with my eldest. Luckily its all water under the bridge now and both parties get on well. I always think as a mom we have a huge responsibility with our families. Being peace maker, disciplinarian, teacher councillor, nurse to name but a few. If they they realised eh!?

    X x

  2. It must be very hard having the family split, fingers crossed that it all works out now that your daughter has agreed to get back in contact with her dad. Good for her for being grown up about it and making the first move. Hope everything goes well with the new cleaning customer.