Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Shame on you Festival Place

Today my daughter wanted to go shopping and spend some of her Christmas vouchers...We went to Festival place which is a town about 30 mins away from us.

We took the in laws with us.
On arriving at the shopping centre we tried to find a wheelchair for my daughter as hobbling on crutches is hard work and her toes have a habit of turning blue....

The mobility shop was shut and the shopping centre do not have any wheelchairs ...how stupid is that....
We struggled into Topshop and she picked some clothes to try on and they gave us a stall for her to sit on.We then went into Miss Selfridge ,within BHS and they had no changing rooms open!!!! and wouldn't take her vouchers so that was a waste of time.
So tomorrow i feel a phone call will be made to voice my disappointment and shame on you Festival place....


  1. Shocking! People just don't think do they!

    X x

  2. I would have thought that would be something they were obliged to provide at a shopping centre, there are always loads at lakeside near me. Hope DD is doing ok.