Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day

Today after dropping my daughter in law back to her parents house to pick her car up i went to an electrical retailer to pick up a food processor i had reserved.
I had some money for Christmas and with this and using my daughters work discount scheme i got it for a bargain price.Cant wait to try it out and this is my kind of Christmas present.
I also got some flannelet sheets so that will be lovely on my bed.

My in laws are staying  tonight and we have one of our neighbours around,who doesn't actually celebrate Christmas.He has come around with his guitar and is entertaining us with his playing and we are having a sing a long.


  1. Sounds heavenly. Who doesn't like a sing song?! We had sing star on last night till 1am this morning, such fun, even if a little off key!

    Glad you've had a great Christmas.

    X x

  2. We did have a lovely Christmas,thanks.Sounds like you did too.

  3. It sounds like you've had a wonderful Christmas with some really special gifts. There's nothing quite like spending these special times with family.