Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Last day of Holidays

My last day of the Christmas Holidays I'm back to work tomorrow.

This morning my daughter had to go back up to the hospital for her ankle.

1st Fracture clinic.
2nd xray with cast on
3rd back to fracture clinic
4th plaster room
5th xray with new cast on
and lastly back to fracture clinic.
We were told that hopefully her ankle has now in a better position ,her new cast is smaller in thickness but still not a walking cast so she still cant stand on it.We go back a week today for more xrays and to see if she needs pins put in her ankle (ouch)

This afternoon we went to supermarket to see if we could get any good reductions ,15p off an item is not a good reduction so we left empty handed.

Took something back for a refund and then home.

Had a phone call at 5.45 pm this evening to say we hadn't made the required payments on my husbands van loan.I was pleased that i now log every payment i make as it turns out that a payment i made 2 weeks ago at the bank has not reached them.I have proof so its not a problem but just annoying.
As i have said before since Jan i do something called PAD pay a debt a every morning i pay a £1 to each debt we have , this is on top of my normal monthly payment.This suits me and means i can get things paid off quicker.The chap who phoned this evening asked me why i pay a small payment every day....why do they care!( i checked first to make sure it was ok)
I will continue doing this until each debt is paid then snowball the monthly payment to another until I'm debt free then mortgage free.

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  1. Good on you trying to pay debts off daily no matter how small the amount.As you say, why should they care? My car loan is paid off in 2 months and I will have an extra £250 a month, Since I have scraped along the last 3 years without it I am really hoping to start saving it.