Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Spoke to soon

I had to take my daughter to her boyfriends this evening ( why he couldn't pick her up i don't know)

Well after i dropped her off and because i literally had to pass Tesco i decided to see if they had any reductions.Well i struck gold.
i paid   £4.57  for all of it.

My 2 freezers are full now, wouldn't it be great if you could time it right all the time. The fish will definitely help with our usual New years resolution of eating healthier.


  1. Wow, such bargains. Well done. If only eh!

    X x

  2. Wow that will keep you going for a bit, well done.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog about family trees. I find it all endlessly fascinating.cant wait to find out more but I need to start sending for more certificates which I cant afford to do at the moment.It can be very expensive, but one day!!!