Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Cake

Finally found my camera so as promised here's a picture of my cake..

Hope its ok ,especially as I'm giving it away.My inlaws are too polite to say any different lol.

Got round to doing another job i kept forgetting yesterday.
AA membership well as getting cashback i was supposed to get nectar points...So i finally got around to phoning them for the third time... apparently the AA are no longer with Nectar as from November so my points since May couldn't be credited so as way of apology I'm being sent a cheque for £25, result. I didn't even moan..

Newgirly thought i might be able to get some Christmas figures from Tesco so I'm debating whether to go to Tesco after Ive dropped my daughter off at work as I'm working all weekend .....scratch that oh just in and he says traffic really bad so I'm not going..

Need to find some time to put up the Christmas Tree as Its looking very un festive in the nto household.

Just hubby and i in tonight so we are having soup for tea( i seem to have a few cans in the cupboard from couponing

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