Saturday, 10 December 2011


Had a really busy shift at work.During the week ,cleaners start at 9 am and 2 work together, on a Saturday i start at 9.30 and its just little old me.I have an 1 and 1/2 hours to get the pub cleaned before opening (where as during the week there are 2 people taking 2 hours) It is hard work and i just finished at 11 am.
Hotel was quite easy only 1 checkout and 2 cleans so i finished at 1.15.
Found out that other half had said granddaughter could stay so after a quick cuppa set off again to pick her up from her dad (who was going to football)
Had to take something back to Tesco and was back just in time to pick daughter up from work.

Well how eventful was that, we were just driving onto roundabout on retail park, when we saw a taxi driver pushing a young man out of the front seat of the car, he literally drove around the roundabout until the young man fell out, where he was very nearly run over. Lots of us stopped and the taxi driver started to drive around the car park,there was no way any of us were going to let him leave the car park.

Police phoned and  eventually came.3 different groups of witnesses stopped and the police man said to us the trouble was we had only seen part of the story.Well I'm sorry if the lads had done something wrong the taxi driver should have phoned the police,he should not have pushed him out of a moving car.

Well that was enough excitement for one day, looking forward to a nice quite evening and strictly come dancing.
How was your day?


  1. My day wasnt anywhere near as exciting as yours, but we did get some more christmas shopping done and the christmas decorations up.

  2. Not eventful like yours , but unexpectedly wonderful- an unplanned visit from elder daughter and her fiance and a trip to the seaside.

  3. Sounds like a hectic day! Not nice to see things like that happen, hope you are having a nice relaxing night and enjoyed strictly.x