Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Parents Evening

Had daughters parents evening tonight,all went well apart from 1 teacher who i have a few issues with,not quite resolved and needs to be as my daughter wants to drop the subject because of the teacher.
I know i think my daughter is wonderful but i wouldn't stick up for her if she was in the wrong.Teachers have always had my full support but on this occasion this teacher is failing my daughter and other students in the class.
Apart from this she is doing really well and on course with hard work to get good grades at AS level.She got 15 GCSE (14 of which were A's and B's) and 1 C.

I know this is a one off as all other teachers that have taught my children have had my full respect and support...

Darling grand daughters are around so its like Blackpool illuminations in here !!!!
Dog thinks its great at little one is doing a Hansel and Gretal trail of cheesy biscuits for Mia to follow and eat.
Hubby cooked sausage and mash for everyone because i wasn't home till fairly late.

Introduced a fellow MSER to couponing and she was really pleased,i try not to buy anything at full price anymore,would rather that money went to debtbusting.

Its lovely to see i have a few followers,never thought people would read this,please feel free to make comments ...nice to know I'm not talking to myself.


  1. I have KL's parents' evening at college tomorrow. She too wants to drop one of her subjects, though it's not just because of the teacher.We had glowing interim reports for her other 3 subjects and from her form tutor a few weeks ago, but not from this one. Will see how things pan out tomorrow.

  2. I always stuck up for the teachers but one year, I really needed to be there for my son and felt bad that I hadn't known soon enough - this was when he was in elementary school too. Lessons learned.

  3. I've just found your blog via Anne at Marmalade and Catmint and have enjoyed reading back through all your posts. You're doing so well with your debt busting. I finished work last year so we're having to watch what we spend now, we've paid off all our debts and are living debt free apart from the mortgage which would have been paid off in two years had we not borrowed more to build an extension. I can't see it being paid off for years now. I'm wondering where you find all your coupons, you seem to do really well with your shopping. It sounds like you need to get the issues at school sorted out, it's not good for your daughter to be wanting to drop a subject because of the teacher. Good luck with that. My son is in the same year and we have his parent conusultations tomorrow.