Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Chicken balls....

Tonight i made home made sweet and sour chicken balls.

Its supposed to be the same recipe as takeaways use.Value rice and  home made sweet and sour sauce.
2 large chicken breasts go along way with this and we have some left over, which will no doubt be snacked on during the evening( my daughters boyfriend has hollow legs)

I have also made a Christmas cake which is currently in the oven.Only my in laws like Christmas Cake so I'm going to give this to them as part of their Christmas present.

I have another new follower today, so hi Jo
you asked where i get my coupons from and here's the link

It takes some reading but its worth it. I love this site and it has helped me big time with my debt busting.

A fellow MSE sent me some coupons today for some money off dettol spray so managed to get a few for 50p,Another bargain today was a Disney pencil set no sel so scanned it and it was 36p!!! nice little present for the granddaughter.

Today i received a lovely handmade hat from Fostermummy,it is beautiful , a work of art.

will add a picture of the cake later.

until next time


  1. Thank you for giving a link to the forum. I do look on mse but find that there's so many forums to trawl through, I haven't come across this particular one before so I shall have a good read of it. Your chicken balls look delicious and two chicken breats look to have gone a very long way. I'm having a giveaway on my blog at the moment if you'd like to enter.

  2. I have nominated you on my blog Dian’s Timpanalley for the Leibster Award. This award is usually given to those of us who have less than 100 followers.