Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Break away

I'm back..
we had a lovely time,so thank you to my wonderful daughter for a smashing Christmas present. I think that this is only the 2nd time in her lifetime we have been away on our own and both have been 1 night away and this year,my daughter made this comment to her boyfriend stating her and her brother and sister have always done everything with us.
We set off after dropping JD at school on Friday,had an an easy journey down to Folkestone.

We arrived to early too check in but parked up and went for a wander.We walked up some quaint streets

 and had a lovely cheap lunch.
We checked into hotel and after the initial panic of them saying they couldn't find our booking we were handed the keys.We were on the 13th floor and had a sea view.

The lorry you can see parked up belongs to a company that is situated about this same distance from our 

I had a cuppa and then we wandered downstairs. I have never seen a hotel as busy as this one and apparently its the same all year round.

Had a drink in the bar (Happy hour so very frugal)
Then back upstairs to get showered and changed for dinner.
We were in the upgraded restaurant which was lovely.

After dinner we went into the ballroom where entertainment was provided,neither of us could stop yawning so went up to our room and i was asleep by 8.45 (boring i know)
Weather was horrible during the night wind and rain .
Early wake up call of 5.45 am, shower and packed and down for Breakfast by 6.20,the Que for the restaurant was out of the door it was so busy ,all going on various trips.
Had our breakfast then boarded our coach.I thought our day trip to France was as a foot passenger and we were going to Calais town but it turned out that Sat trips you stay on the coach so to speak. Our driver takes us over and the drives us to Cite Europe and back .
Ferry was delayed by an hour going because of a medical emergency so got to Cite Europe at 12 French time, it was going to be a mad rush as we had to be back on the coach at 2.45!!!

I love Carrefour we picked up some very cheap booze and cheeses.Went for lunch in a little restaurant and wheeled our trolley back in time to the coach.

Ferry home uneventful

apart from being delayed and all of us being taken off the coach by  passport control.all of us all 7 of us. 20 people didn't turn up for this day trip so we had a 52 seat coach with 8 people on it including our driver.
Dropped back at hotel where we loaded car and set of home and i was back indoors by 8.30,tired but we had a lovely time and will definitely do this again next year.

This cost my daughter £60 for both of us and we got DBB and the day trip to France what a bargain.


  1. So pleased you had a really lovely break away. Sounds a bargain too!
    Just letting you know you are in my draw too!and thanks for mentionning it on your blog. Good Luck X

  2. Glad you had a lovely time, it's nice to get away on your own sometimes.

    Lots of love,
    Emma xxxxxx