Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Free National Trust weekend.

On Sunday we had to go to the big blue and yellow Swedish store to get a wardrobe for my DD.Normally we would go to London but as the marathon was on and apparently a football match nearby we decided to go to Southampton.
I had checked before hand that what i wanted was in stock so it wouldn't be a wasted journey.It wasn't very busy and we were in and out quite quickly even with browsing around the store.

We had planned to take advantage of the National Trust weekend and i had my tickets printed.We chose to go to The Vyne nr Basingstoke.As well as it being free they were celebrating St Georges day so lots of extra activities including Morris dancing,Archery.

The actual house is lovely and my DD who likes her history was in awe that Henry V111 had walked the same floors she was and slept in a bed that was a few feet away from her.

It was a lovely day helped by decent weather.
Here is a montage of pictures of The Vyne.


  1. It looks very nice. I've wanted to visit but not often that way. Probably a 2 hour drive which is do-able so might plan a visit. Thanks for sharing.
    Patricia x

  2. Hi nto, just wanted to congratulate you on your magazine appearance ! You look fab and its nice to put a face to the name, well done xx