Sunday, 21 April 2013

Finally have a replacement fridge freezer

Yesterday i had a call at 7.30 am to say my replacement fridge/freezer would be with me within the hour.
This bit of new excited me know end as I'm normally the last delivery and have to wait all day for things to come.
True to their word they arrived within the hour and one of the delivery men came indoors to survey where they had to take it.
Then the worst possible thing was said to me,"It wont fit in that gap"
what we have been sent as a replacement was a hell of a lot bigger than my existing one and just would not fit in the gap( i have a small bridging unit over the where the fridge goes.)

Well they didn't unload it and i was told to ring Tesco to rearrange.
This was easier said than done,it takes an age to get through and you can guarantee as soon as you start talking to someone you get cut off.I was told to choose a replacement .Great i hear you all say but upon looking through the fridge freezers the majority are out of stock,too big,wrong colour.I knew a compromise was going to be had to be made but even widening my options this was not going to be easy.

So i asked OH how easy it would be to remove the cupboard so i could go for something taller.
I then phoned the delivery person and asked if i ok'd it with Tesco was there any chance they could come back with the fridge/freezer they had for me.He was a star and said he would do it on way home and with agreement from Tesco (to get me off their backs )

Well true to his word they turned up and brought in my new appliance and what a beauty it is.Even though it was a lot of hassle my replacement was worth £529 ,currently my existing one is selling for £199.

Now i have a working fridge freezer in my kitchen and you don't know how good that is.
So than you to the Logistic company who's customer service are top class ( letter will be sent)
and thank you Tesco even though you have mucked me around for the last 2 weeks we got there in the end.


  1. Beautiful! Glad you finally got it.

  2. It looks fantastic. I love getting new applianices.

  3. That's a beauty, what a result !

  4. It looks good and possibly worth the hassle you had to go through to get it, well done you on thinking so quickly and sorting it out in the end.