Sunday, 14 April 2013

30th anniversary of the £1 coin

Lots of blogs i read have recently have mentioned the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin.
Moneysupermarket have a competition to win a £1 for every idea they have to save a £1.

To enter our 30 Ways to Save £1 competition you must have a blog. You need to write about and list your favourite ways to save money - and it doesn't have to be exactly £1. 

So here's my list.

1/ Join a moneysaving site.(like MSE) I guarantee you will save more than a £1 on this one.

2/ Join a cashback site like Quidco,Topcashback.

3/ Join priority moments on 02 (if that's your mobilephone provider,they have regular offers and freebies)

4/ Look out for the free cinema tickets,sky rewards, show film first.(i can count on 1 hand how many times i have paid for cinema)

5/ Join Swagbucks you can earn gift vouchers.

6/ Join survey sites i mainly do Valued opinions.

7/ Look on Amazon for free books for your Kindle.

8/ Lend 1 book a month from the Kindle lending library on Amazon.

9/ Use your library.

10/ Before you buy anything look for didcount codes .

11/ if you are going away and need to stay in a hotel look on laterooms for great discounts.

12/ Never fill your car completely with fuel, you will use more fuel driving around.

13/ Regularly check tyre pressures.

14/ Turn lights off when your not in the room.

15/ Turn thermostat down by 1 degree.

16/ Keep your freezer full even if it means freezing tubs of water,it makes it more energy efficient.

17/ Try and dry your washing outside it smells better and saves energy.

18/ Only put your washing machine on when you have a full load.

19/ If you need something check on freecycle,people list things they no longer want.

20/ Grow your own vegetables,If you don't have much room you can grow in containers or hanging baskets.

21/ Use the £1 shops,

22/ Look at freebie sites.

23/ Many local councils offer rewards for recycling, we earn points which can be redeemed for free hair cuts or money off vouchers.

24/ Check your grocery shopping on mysupermarket to see if you are shopping at the best priced supermarket.

25/ Always input your Asda  receipts into the price comparison app, even if you only get a voucher for 5p they all add up.

26/Haggle lots of big companies will reduce the price of something if asked.

27/ Read blogs other bloggers have some serious money saving advice.

28/ See if you can join the Royal mail testing panel you are rewarded each month in stamps an we all know how expensive stamps are.

29/ Try to never dial a premium rate number use a site like say no to 0870 to find the geographical number.

30/ Freeze left overs ,even if its just the ends of bread they can be blitzed up into breadcrumbs.

That 30 was very easy to write all i need to do now is email Moneysupermarket a link to my blog and keep my fingers crossed i can earn a few extra pounds into my paypal account.


  1. Hi,
    Am doing the same on my blog. How do I send them my paypal details that they want? I do have an account.

    fib. X

  2. So thats why I keep seeing these posts.

    I do love reading these as I nod at the screen with all the things I do.

    X x

  3. I was wondering why everyone was putting up these frugal saving ideas. :)