Tuesday, 16 April 2013

As i got out of my car at the Post office today i noticed that the Post Office van i had parked next too had an alarm going off.

The van was very similar to the one above  and blaring from the van was
"warning this van is under attack call the Police"

I went into the Post Office and said and the postmaster came out.Banging was coming from inside the van and then from the little window someone put a thumb up and said I'm Ok.
The postmaster said oh hes ok my response was how do you know that's him..
So a phonecall was made and luckily the van door opened and the man in the van came out.He had got locked in the inner sactum of the van and when he was finally able to free himself he let us know he was OK.

Bizarre experience which luckily wasn't a robbery but i couldn't walk away until i knew the driver was safe.


  1. I think you did the right thing! I wonder how many others just walked on by?

  2. Quite right too...you wouldn't have been able to settle all day if you had walked on..glad all was OK :o)

  3. You definitely did the right thing!

  4. What a strange thing to witness - you definitely did the right thing! Jx