Friday, 5 April 2013

Marie Curie

I have feeling a bit low over the last few days,not helped at all by feeling awful .So to arrive home to this email has put a smile on my face.I am so glad i gave up my 2 hours and helped as i contributed to a good proportion of the days figures.

Thank you for collecting during the Great Daffodil Appeal

Thank you so much for being part of Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Great Daffodil Appeal 2013 by collecting at the Asda Lower Earley Collection.  We’re delighted that you took part, and we hope you enjoyed the experience.

The success of the appeal depends upon wonderful collectors like you giving up your time to encourage people to make a donation to wear a daffodil. You collected £103.78 which contributed towards the fantastic total of £ 717.55  that was raised at the Asda Lower Earley Collection.  

Every 5 minutes someone in the UK dies without the care they need at the end of their life, and that is why your support is so important to us. Thank you for helping us continue to provide our services completely free to patients and their families in your neighbourhood. Every £20 raised helps us to provide an hour of Marie Curie Nursing care.


  1. How lovely to get a thank you and such good feedback from a charity.

    You did really well :-)

    Sue xx

  2. it's the little things like that that make it all worthwhile isn't it? Well done you...if I had realised you were there I'd have popped along and said hello:-)

  3. That was a nice surprise. Well done. Hope you're feeling a bit better now.

  4. How lovely of them to e-mail you. It's nice to feel appreciated. :)