Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Apparently my fridge.freezer isn't economical to repair so i will be getting a brand new one delivered.Its a good job i have a 2nd fridge and freezer as its now 4 days since it broke and i will have to wait to hear when i will get a new one.
It wasn't worth claiming on my insurance for the loss as my excess would have swallowed most of what i would have got back.

After the engineer had left and since i had rearranged my whole day due to said visit i decided to visit my local garden centre.
I managed to pick up quite a few tomato plants reduced to 10 p a plant with a bit of tlc and mainly a water they will be fine.
I have planted a few seeds up.
Parsnips,chives,Pepper and Peanuts for now.
Garlic,onions in the raised beds and I've planted some potatoes.
I'm so excited about getting things moving in the garden,just hoping it all does better than last year.

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  1. Good news that it is getting replaced but like you say it's a good job you have a spare! (we'd be scuppered!)

    My father in law has planted most of our veg seeds up, I only have to do a few. Means I can plant up a lots more flowers as I'll have more space.

    X x