Sunday, 5 May 2013

Im really good at looking after others but not so much myself..
I still havent been to the Drs about my back.....
and i slept awful last night with the pain and have staggered downstairs like an 80 year old.I have take some painkillers and hopefully they will kick in soon.I honestly thought it would have gone by now so i am going to really make the effort to go to the Drs.

Haven't posted for a while sometimes life just gets in the way.We currently have 2 very poorly members of my husbands family in hospital ( father and son),Son is a year old than OH and has been in hospital now for 12 weeks his dad roughly the same time.
So now they are at local hospitals and the hospital is allowing visitor's we have been visiting.
Paul (son)  developed a blood clot on his brain and has a very long road to recovery.Paul lost his mum and wife last year so its not been a good time for him.
Since i started writing this Paul's dad has sadly passed,

So sad times....

well I'm back at the present time.I ordered a new mattress which was delivered yesterday,I definitely had a better nights sleep so hoping that my old mattress may have been a factor in my pain

Remember i said i was going to appear in the Tesco magazine well i think its now in the shops.I was sent a proof of what was to be written and it was close to what i said so i didn't bother correcting it.
I wasn't photo shopped into a size 14 like i requested but even for an overweight middle aged woman the picture is ok.To be honest is probably the only picture that's been taken and kept for a very long time.

Well enough waffle for one morning,we are off to the market this morning,hoping for some cheap meat.Later on today we are going around to DD,s for dinner.
So enjoy your day.


  1. Sorry to hear about your family members illness/ passing, it must be very hard for you all at the moment, best wishesx

  2. so sorry for your loss and wish paul a speedy recovery x

  3. Sorry for your losses and sad times. Sending you a huge hug ((( ))) xxx