Saturday, 11 May 2013

Im glad its over

Yesterday (Friday) is a day I'm glad is finally over.
OH took DD to school as he never does it and was home because of the funeral we were attending.On way home he stopped to allow a coach through as a delivery truck was in its way and OH was waiting to pull around a coned area on his side of the road.Hand break on,he noticed a car pulling up behind him who did the same stopped and waited.Luckily he also put on his handbrake as otherwise things would be so much worse.Unfortunately the woman who was 3rd in the line didn't notice the 2 cars were stopped..
Nobody was hurt in anyway and my car only has a few scratches but it could have been so much worse.

Funeral was sad mainly for the fact that this family has been through so much in past year.

One ray of sunshine my DGD is now sitting up on her own, shes just over 4 and half months old now.


  1. Oh no.... it sounds like a really difficult day. I'm glad that no-one was badly hurt. Jx

  2. Glad nobody was injured- but sorry you had this minor hassle to cope with on a day which already had its fair share of sadness.
    Your GD looks delightful!! blessings x

  3. Glad everyone is alright-hoping for better days ahead. Your granddaughter looks so sweet sitting up and playing!

  4. Oh what a bad day. Such a sad day for you all without the added hassle of an accident. So pleased everyone was o.k. Enjoy your granddaughter time goes by so quickly.

  5. What a terrible day. I'm so glad the accident wasn't worse.

    Your grandaughter is gorgeous, I love the age when they are sitting up and exploring the world within reach, so much wonderment in their little faces :-)