Saturday, 23 March 2013

This time last year

This time last year we were having BBQ'S in the garden and playing in the sun.

This year that horrible white stuff is falling from the sky and the prospect of the coldest weekend in March in 50 years....

This week has been a non eventful quite with not alot happening.Which has been a good thing as i have hurt my back it feels like a trapped nerve as the pain isn't always there.Lots of painkillers have enabled me to carry on working .

Hope you all have a good weekend ,Stay warm and safe,


  1. Hope your back pain gets better. We've just woken up to heavy snow here in Essex - when will it get warmer. Take care and keep warm x

  2. Hope that your back is soon feeling better. Stay warm and cosy! Jx

  3. No snow in Cornwall, just lots of rain. Fed up! want some warm weather so we can get out more and enjoy the countryside. Take care of your back, put your feet up and keep nice and cosy inside.