Sunday, 17 March 2013

13 Miles

That's the distance my DS ran today in our local half marathon and what an appalling day it was.

It was bitterly cold and pouring with rain but that didn't deter the 20000 people that took part in our local marathon,

This year my son was running for our local hospital  as his newborn baby had to spend the first couple of weeks of her life there as she couldn't get rid of her jaundice.
Despite the terrible weather DS completed the run 12 mins faster than last year.
I made sure he knew where i would be stood as having support along the route spurs them on and this year he saw us and we saw him twice.


  1. Super, especially in this weather and a fabulous cause as well. You must be so proud.
    Hoping for better weather next week.
    Have a good one
    Sarah x

  2. What a lovely thing to do. Shame about the weather though.

  3. Well done to DS. The weather could have been better as you say but he finished in good time.
    Patricia x

  4. Good on him for doing the run. :)

  5. Well done to him and what a good cause to do it for

    X x