Thursday, 14 March 2013


As i don't often venture out of an evening i rarely manage to pick up reductions.
So yesterday evening i was lured out after dropping DD off at work to take advantage of a glitch  special offer.There weren't many reductions but a couple on the produce aisle caught my eye a lonely piece of broccoli and a big bag of parsnips for the sum total of 30 p.
These have now been blanched and frozen.

I wish more reductions came my way but i will grab them when i can.



  1. I love when I can catch some reduced price produce too!

  2. I do very similar to you when I see reductions. If I can't build them straight into the meal plan then they get frozen to enjoy later. I used to get loads when I was collecting hubby from work as it was the time for it.

    X x