Friday, 15 March 2013

My Top money saving sites

These are links to a few of my favourite sites for money saving.


This is always open on my laptop,If you need help or support on anything this site will help.


I love the clicksnap cashback that they are get cashback for buying your normal every day items like bread and milk.Also i know its only pence but i have the app on my phone and do the check ins whenever i can,


Snap save is virtually the same as +Quidco,brilliant cashback from your everyday shopping.
Plus with both you can get cashback on many things such as changing energy suppliers,insurances.


These are apps for your phone,smaller version of cashback/moneysaving but worth keeping an eye on as hopefully they will grow.
+Shopscansave enabled me to get a huge box of maltesers and 2 kit kats free last week.


Earn +swagbucks which can be converted into +Amazon vouchers

How do you earn a few extra pence or what are your favourite websites.